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Each brand has a set of values and principals that make it what it is. Those truths establish trust between it and its customers. Sharing content, whether through web, social or print, is a key way to establish brand truths. There must be a thoughtful approach to each connection that a brand has with its customers. The creation and curation of this content is paramount in gaining and retaining a solid customer base.

I am Aaron Hendrickson. I am a designer and photographer. My passion is for branding, content creation (graphic design and imagery) and curation of that content. I want to help you establish branding and marketing principles that will not only strengthen your brand, but allow it to grow and thrive.




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Brand perception is incredibly important. There is a reason that you started your business. You had a passion for something. The visual assets of your company should reflect this. They should be targeted, innovative and relevant. Your brand deserves trust. Whether print or digital, my job is to convey your story, your values and your passion.


Content, Content, Content. It is the mantra of today's digital world. Restaurants, bars, boutique shops, corporations. All must release content, through whatever avenue, that is relevant and authentic. Stock photography and out-of-the box designs are not. Whether imagery, design, or copy, I can create dynamic content that tells your story.



Everyone has a story. This story can be captured in still life. When we view an image, it connects directly to a memory of the story being told. Whether a person, family, or company, we have such an amazing opportunity to collect and share those memories with others. My original and long-time passion has been to tell others' stories through photography.


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