I was born and raised in Friona, TX. A small town on the Texas/New Mexico border. 

A few facts that were the reality of my childhood:

I am proud of where I am from and would not change it at all. Let’s just say graphics and photography are not exactly considered professions. However, from a very young age, I have always craved a creative outlet, whether through playing music, acting or writing.



When I moved to the big city (as-in Abilene, TX) I attended Abilene Christian University where I majored in English. While pursuing this, I had a professor that was a typesetter outside of his regular “professor-ing” duties. He opened my eyes to print design and typography. This motivated me to focus on “business and professional writing” in my major. In my final year of college, I married the love of my life and became closely acquainted with our wedding photographers. This relationship unveiled my passion for photography. These two dynamics gave me a deep passion for graphic and print design.


In 2011, my wife quit nursing to pursue her passion of Healthcare Interior Design. She was a nurse for years and knew that there was so much wrong with the way that hospital design. She wanted to make a difference for the user: patients, doctors and nurses. The bottom line and outdated standards have more consideration than the user. She completed her second degree in May of 2014.

She was my inspiration to pursue my own passion. In December of 2014, I registered for classes and worked full time while being a full time student. In June of 2015, I quit my job when I accepted a position at The Infinite Agency and focused on my last semester of school.

I am now finished with school. I am combining my passions: photography, writing and design.