Gaining a deep understanding of your company and its goals is extremely important. The discovery phase gives me the knowledge I need to create solutions for the problems your company is facing. During this time we can work together to determine your goals, brand personality, target audience and objectives. It also gives me an understanding of you versus your competition, what is working and not working in both. I utilize tools such as a client questionnaire and both over the phone/video chat and in-person consultations. Only after this knowledge is obtained can I define the scope of the project. Once this discovery is complete, if we determine that we are a great fit for each other we will take the next step.


I cannot begin work on the project until both you and I determine that I have all the information I need to deliver you the correct solution. This solution will be outlined in the form of a project proposal. We will further refine your needs and shape it into the perfect solution. When this solution is decided upon, I will provide you with a statement of work, contract and estimate for the project. Then my work begins.


This phase is where I make the creative ideas that we have decided upon a reality. Whether I am branding a new company, doing a facelift on an established brand or just designing web, print or digital collateral, this is where the magic happens.


When the work is complete, I will gather all the assets and present a design brief explaining all of my decisions and how they relate to the infomation gathered and agreed upon. Once the final payment is made, all deliverables will be released to you.